Best Destination Wedding Photography Guide

A Complete Guide to the Best Destination Wedding Photography

Destination weddings are the most sought-after events that call up for the presence of a professional wedding photographer. Owing to the rich class and elegance of the destination weddings, it is imperative for the event planners to help the guests capture some of the most wonderful and beautiful moments from the wedding. In such an event, the presence of a reliable, professional destination wedding photographer is inevitable.

As a wedding photographer, you are expected to fulfill a huge amount of responsibilities when it comes to photographing the entire destination wedding. In addition to capturing some of the most special moments of the bride and the groom, it is also essential to take ecstatic images of the landscape and the classic wedding venue around. In spite of the major responsibilities involved, most of the wedding photographers look forward to capturing destination weddings. It offers them the chance to showcase their photography talents on a much broader scale. Moreover, it also adds immense fun and exhilaration to the overall photography session.

Here are some major factors to consider while going for shooting a destination wedding:

Destination Wedding Photography Cost

Predicting the fact that you must have marketed yourself properly and got yourself a great destination wedding photography project in your hand, it is important to start planning immediately. Sit down and work upon the times, costs, routes, and others to keep everything up to date.

The amount that you will charge for the destination wedding photography would depend entirely on your level of skills and expertise. However, you must also not forget to include some extra charges while shooting destination weddings. The things like flights, hotel or accommodation, car hire, baggage allowance, tips, and others must be considered while deciding upon the charge for the given destination wedding photography project.

Destination Wedding Photography Itineraries

As a professional wedding photographer in Essex, all your itineraries with respect to the destination wedding would be with respect to the photography essentials that you must not forget. Therefore, it is considered vital to consider the following:

  • Always choose carrying along a spare or backup camera setup to ensure the best results.
  • For protecting your camera from all possible damages during the trip, you must carry along as many as 5 lenses at the least to be on the safer end.
  • Pack at least 2 speedlights for creating the best backup.
  • Never forget to create a separate backup of the images captured in some cloud storage.
  • Always keep spare camera batteries handy in case of emergency situations.
  • Be updated with all the shots captured and essential editing by carrying along your laptop at all times.

Destination weddings can be crazy events. The clients might ask a lot out of you. However, it is important to know your limits and deliver the right amount of services for the right value. Enjoy your destination wedding photography as much as you can.


Fashion Repeated

To repeat or not to repeat, that is the question

Is it okay to repeat a dress?

It is Friday night, you just arrived from work, you are tired and you want to sleep, but you have to prepare an outfit for a special occasion. Should you go shopping for a new gown or should you settle for an already used one?

That’s a dilemma most women face these days because there’s a new culture of “one-time dress”, women are buying different dresses for different occasions and using it one time only. However, a dress is not something you use once in a lifetime and then leave it to moult inside your closet, instead, a dress should be part of the creative process of creating an outfit. Therefore, there’s no need for it to be set aside after being used one time, actually, it should be used as many times as possible with different approaches every time.

Do not hesitate to wear a gown for multiple times. Try it out with a styled jacket, with a different set of accessories, and, if it’s a short to mid-length dress, combine it with some leggings or knee-high boots (it is perfect for winter). Do not be afraid to make a mistake, it is all part of the learning process because, in the end, you will know how to not neglect a gown.


If Kate Middleton repeats a dress, why can’t you?

It is a well-known fact that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, repeats her looks once in a while. Thereby, one specific dress of hers was used for the third time when she was pregnant of her third child, the little Prince Louis, and was visiting the HQ of Place2Be, a children mental help charity. However, not only she repeated the dress, but also repeated the accessories, demonstrating that she likes that dress and also does not fancy the “one time only” culture. With that said, it is important to note that the Royal Family is not seen repeating outfits very often, so Kate Middleton is being courageous by doing so.


Should you just buy a new one?

If you can and want to, then do it, for a new dress will bring more options to your closet and will give you the chance to renew your style. However, if you are not keen of shopping and does not like the process of trying out different gowns to point out its flaws or your own flaws if you have any (which I bet you don’t), then you should settle with the already owned one.

Use your old gown with different accessories, try out a different make-up style and hairdo, use a new pair of shoes. In other words, experiment with what you have. If you want to, buy new accessories to use with the dress or, if you want to take more risks, style the dress! Give it a new feel by talking to a designer and requesting for a different tailoring, something to fit your new wants.

There are endless possibilities for an old dress, you do not have to buy a new one if you do not want to. There is no need to spend money on something you will wear only one time. However, whatever decision you make, remember to always follow your own needs and wants. With that in mind, make sure to feel free to be comfortable in what you choose.

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