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20 August - 11 September


Image: Trogolodytes

This years HIVE programme features the work of local artists and supports the MADE BARNSLEY project created by Culture North to showcase and promote local creative talent.  


For the exhibition at the Hive Gallery Steve West will show 3 pieces:

1. Ancestral Guardians and Other Useful Objects, two stacks of plaster shelving
containing a collection of hybrid objects made of plaster and glass.
2. Instruments of Calculation, a table supporting a number of sculptural and
architectural forms.
3. Troglodytes, a series of wall mounted winged branches, and architectural models.

Steve West's work is informed by an investigation into museology, categorization and cataloguing. In the case of Ancestral Guardians and Other Useful Objects particular reference is made to the plaster room in the V&A, the Gaudi Museum workshops in the Sagrada Familia and Cabinets of Curiosities. The units which make up the contents of the shelves were produced from several initial ideas which were cross fertilised and developed organically. The resulting collection of objects, which resemble interrelated family trees, will be jumbled and rearranged in accordance with an alternative system of categorization.

Instruments of Calculation brings together a collection of maquettes selected from a larger
group. It was originally intended (given the resources) to develop each maquette into a
monumental piece. Once again an interest in selection, categorization and grouping will
dictate the final outcome. Though the system controlling decision making draws elements
from a personal narrative, the placing of the objects is predominantly influenced by the large architectural astronomical instruments which comprise the eighteenth century Observatory at Jaipur and the symmetry and alignment observed in visits to a number of Egyptian Temples. The scale of these structures suggested the table on which the pieces are to be displayed, a devise intended to bring the work up to eye level so that the viewer can enter the miniature landscape and imagine it on a large scale.

The objects which comprised Troglodytes share common imagery. Though originally
designed to be seen as a group, for the purposes of the Hive Gallery exhibition I intend to space them around the gallery in order to circumscribe the other pieces and draw attention to relationships within their sphere of influence.


  OPENING TIMES: Gallery open: Thursday - Sunday 12-4pm
HIVE GALLERY, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Road, Elsecar, Barnsley, S74 8HJ
Tel: +44 (0)1226 743122 Email:info@hivegallery.co.uk
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